Sides and Sweets

"Cave Man cannot live on meat alone!".. Add a delicious side or two and finish with a sweet to truly make it a feast for a cave man!

Ug! meal

Make any sandwich a meal with a Soda and a Side choice of Baked Beans or Potato Salad or Coleslaw or Chili or Stoup


Baked Beans

A Cave Man Crave... our family recipe of baked beans is made with caramelized onions and lots of bacon! Gluten and Dairy free

$3.89/sm $5.39/med $9.69/lg

Potato Salad

House made Red Potato Salad, creamy and just a hint of savory and sweet creamy and delicious. Another Cave Fave! Gluten free Dairy free

$3.89/sm $5.39/med $9.69/lg


House made Fresh, shredded cabbage & carrots in a creamy vinegar dressing. Slam your sandwich of pork, beef or chicken up a notch.. Ala-bam-bama-style!

$3.89/sm $5.39/med $9.69/lg

Garden Terra Salad

Crisp lettuce, romaine, green leaf, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables with homemade Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Pear Vinaigrette, Dairy free Ranch, or Honey Mustard Vinaigrette and Balsamic Vinaigrette. An herbavore favorite. Gluten free, Dairy free options, Keto Options


Garden Terra-ific Salad

Our large garden salad with dried cranberries or raisins, sliced hard boiled egg and seasonal veggies with a choice of two dressings, meal size.


Cave Man Carnivore Salad

Your choice of protein (chicken, ham, pork, beef or salmon) on a bed of crisp mixed lettuce with seasonal chopped veggies, hard boiled egg topped with your choice of Cave-made Dressing, Dried Cranberries


Cave Man Chili

Dad's original spicy recipe with beef, beans, onions and tomatoes. Gluten Free, Paleo, Dairy free

$3.89/Sm $5.39/med $9.69/lg


Our original Smoked Soup that tastes like stew, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Pork Beef and Chicken, Cooked down with seasonings. Gluten and dairy free,

$3.89/Sm $5.39/Med $9.69/Lg

Dragon Wheels™

Seasoned, roasted wedged red potatoes with carrots, onion & bonless pork. This is a Cave Crave! **Signature Cave Man Kitchen item** Gluten free Dairy free 8 ounces by weight


French Bread

Toasted french bread, great for dipping with the CaveBBQ


Cave BBQ Sauce

Dad's recipe, smooth tomato-based, tangy & sweet. Gluten Free, Dairy free

$1.99/side $3.89/sm $5.39/med $9.69/lg

Potato Bugs

Seasoned, 3/4 pound smoke-roasted Red potato topped (A) with butter salt and pepper $5.69 or (B) butter, sour cream, green onion & cheese $7.29 or (C) Bug B with Bacon $8.29 or

A/$5.69 B/$7.29 C/$8.29

Bootlegger Pudding™

Bread and custard pudding with raisins, topped with a butterscotch icing and Dad's infamous whiskey sauce.


Apple Melt

Cave Man's apple pie! Buttery toasted french bread, apple filling and melted Jack cheese, topped with a cinnamon sugar crusting.


Oggs Dessert

Our Rotating dessert of choice ask what we have in today


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Smoked Corned Beef


1) The Triple Decker:

A mammoth 1.38 pounds of delicious Corned Beef with melted Monterrey Jack Cheese topped with our spicy Coleslaw served on toasty Marble Rye

$13.59 +tax


2) The "Donley Irish Dip" (our Corned Beef version of the french dip)  served on toasty French Bread with a corned Au Jus, perfect for dipping!

$13.59 +tax


(As always, gluten free options available )

Available thru March 31st!


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