Fit-for-a-Cave-Man! Our sandwiches are served on our toasted, buttery french bread. This bread is locally baked daily & selected especially for our sandwiches. The perfect balance of a tender soft bread with an outer crunchy crust.. it truly is an integral part to our delicious sandwiches.

UG! meal

Make any sandwich a meal with a soda and a side choice of Baked Beans, or Potato Salad, or coleslaw, or tossed green salad or chili or stoup or french bread


Chicken Sandwich BBQ

Succulent, hand-pulled Smoke-Roasted chicken on toasted french bread topped with our Cave BBQ Sauce.

$7.49/Sm 14.39/ Lg

French Dip

Smoke-Roasted sliced beef, well marbled,on toasted french bread with a savory beef Au Jus for dipping.

$7.49/ Sm 14.39/ Lg

Beef BBQ Sandwich

Sliced, Smoke-Roasted Beef well marbled, on toasted french bread topped with our Cave BBQ sauce..

$7.49/ Sm $14.39 /Lg

Pork Sandwich

1/3 Lb of our succulent, Smoke-Roasted Pork on toasted french bread in our Cave BBQ Sauce, A Cave Favorite


Chicken Bacon Ranch

Our smoke-roasted pulled chicken on toasted french bread, finished with bacon pieces and house made ranch and CaveBQ. Dairy free and Gluten free available


Seahawk Salmon Dip

1/4 lb. + of our Smoke-Roasted Salmon flaked & topped with a cream cheese spread on toasted french bread. Served with our savory, citrus "sea"- au jus to dip it in. ** Warning... this sandwich will have you Craving the Cave! **Cave Man Kitchen Signature item**



Hefty sandwich of sliced ham, salami, Summer Sausage & Jack cheese.. oven toasted, with homemade thousand Island dressing & fresh lettuce.

$ 8.59/ Sm $12.49/ med $15.99/Lg

Missouri Ham

Sliced Smoke-Roasted ham topped with our house made original fruit chutney On toasted french bread. **Cave Man Kitchen Signature item**


Polish Sausage Sandwich

Over 1/3 lb. Polish Sausage topped with our Cave BBQ sauce. Like it HOT? Ask for spicy! On Toasted French bread


Ham Sandwich

Sliced Smoke-Roasted Virginia style ham topped with our original Cave BBQ sauce on toasted french bread.


Alabama Slam

A half pound of our Smoke-Roasted Pork w/ our Cave BBQ Sauce, and topped or Slammed with spicy coleslaw.


Beatsa Peatsa

toasted french bread with Cave pizza sauce, sliced Polish Sausage and melted Jack cheese. A Cave Man's pizza! The Cave Clans Fave!!


Hambetter Sandwich

Quick, easy and delicious! Sliced Smoke-Roasted ham on a toasted English muffin topped with our Cave BBQ sauce or original fruit chutney.


Kid's Meal

Option of Beatsa Peatsa- sliced polish sausage on toasted french with Cave-made Pizza Sauce and melted Jack cheese OR The Hambetter - Smoke-roasted Sliced ham on Toasted English muffin and CaveBQ or Fruit Chutney comes with Chips, Drink and Prize!

$ 7.49

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$7.59/Sm $14.49/Lg

$7.59/Sm $14.49/Lg

$7.59/Sm $14.49/Lg



Be King of your Cave! Add something extra and make your own fit-for-a-Cave-Man sandwich.

Extra MEAT

2.5 ounces of cooked meat added to your sandwich ( 2 ounces on salmon)


Double MEAT

5 ounces of meat added to your sandwich (4 ounces for salmon)


Add Cheese

Monterrey Jack cheese added to any sandwich

Small/ 1.69 Large/ $1.99

Au Jus

Savory beef french or savory "sea"soned citrus au jus.. perfect for your sandwich to take a dip! (8 ounce only)

$2.39 (8 oz only)

Fountain Drink

Our local Jones Soda on fountain

$2.39 (one size)

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   $8.69/Sm  $12.59/Md






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